Liberty Classes in Kharkiv


Liberty Classes – a series of lectures aimed at spreading the ideas of freedom and liberalism which held in spring 2016 in three cities of Ukraine Kharkiv, Kyiv and Lviv. The project include 3 series of lectures on various economic topics. In Kharkov generally bolshe event attended by 100 people, among which…

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Liberal book to the academic environment project


Social movement “Liberal Initiative” together with the Institute of freedom and competition Ukrainian research and educational organization liberal (Think Tank), dedicated to the spread of the ideas of classical liberalism and libertarianism, freedom and the market economy will present a pilot project “Liberal book in the academic environment.” Project objectives:…

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Kharkiv Business Club

БИЗНЕс- Клуб

  Kharkiv Business Club (KBC) brings together entrepreneurs, members of the public movement “Liberal initiative”. Participants of the action “of the League of economic freedom.” KBC website:

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What we need to reform the country and how to avoid default?

31_Круг стол

  Organized by the Institute for Liberty and competition (Kharkov) and the Institute for Democracy and liberalism (Kyiv) in the framework of the Public Movement “Liberal Initiative” with the support of the Kharkіv Discussion Club. Participants: experts, representatives of political parties and academic institutions, civil society activists and journalists. Number…

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