Institute for liberty and competition

About Us

Institute for Liberty and Competition – is an independent and nonprofit organization, which supports classical liberalism traditions, libertarian philosophy and Austrian School of Economics.

Our Mission

To improve Ukrainians awareness in understanding the ideas of individual freedom, private property, free competitive market, limited government and the rule of law. Implementation of efficient practices at the government level based on the principles of freedom and free market.


promoting in Ukrainian society institutional reforms based on the ideas of freedom and market economy.

Political Philosophy: classical liberalism and libertarianism.

Economic basis: Austrian School of Economics (ASC).


  • education, including organization of seminars, lectures, conferences and other events;
  • publishing and distribution of books, brochures and magazines with works of classics and contemporary thinkers of the world liberal and libertarian thoughts;
  • social problems and Ukrainian legislation analysis, development of certain political events aimed at liberal reforms implementation;
  • exchange and coordination between institutions at national and international level;
  • assistance in carrying out educational projects in order to promote liberal ideas in Ukrainian society.

Thematic areas:

  • political;
  • economical;
  • law;
  • philosophical;
  • social and cultural.

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