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Liberal Initiative

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Liberal Initiative

Who we are?


Liberal initiative is a civil movement that brings together people and organizations which support the idea of freedom and market economy.


Our mission: to build Ukraine as a free country with market economy.

Liberal Initiative Presentation

Liberal Initiative Presentation – Mykhailo Kamchatnyi

Our values:

  • individual freedom and self­expression;
  • private property and free economy;
  • priority of an individual over the state;
  • supremacy of law;
  • world without borders.

We stand for: individual, economic and political freedom of any person.

Current problems:

  • crisis of the welfare state and inability to fulfill qualitatively its obligations;
  • lack of supremacy of law and institution of property;
  • lack of conditions for doing business;
  • continuous stagnation of the economy;
  • political elite and bureaucracy are not able to carry out necessary reforms;
  • political and expert communities have limited understanding of economic processes in the society, and as a consequence, they are not able to offer development programs appropriate to the modern global world;
  • reforms, which they propose, are often “cosmetic”, dedicated to technical improvements and do not solve systemic problems in society;
  • lack of communication between expert / academic community and civil society;
  • lack of discussions in regions about essential reforms in society.


Our purpose: to carry out liberal reforms into Ukrainian society.

Liberal Initiative Founders

Liberal Initiative Founders – november 2014

Our tasks:

  • to build a team of liberal intellectuals and experts;
  • to develop a platform of liberal reforms;
  • to build a team of like­minded people ready for practical implementation of liberal reforms;
  • to popularize liberal ideas and necessity of reforms in Ukrainian society;
  • to create a liberal civil movement to support reforms;
  • to create a liberal political party for carrying out reforms through government institutions.

Main activities:

  • activity in intellectual area (expert and academic society);
  • educational projects;
  • cooperation with business;
  • promotion of liberal ideas among the youth;
  • cooperation with civil organizations and international institutions;
  • public activities and support discussion for debate;
  • liberal ideas popularization among active people and journalists.




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